We were recommended to a lovely couple from overseas who had recently purchased The Grange. It is a lovely secluded property and had been recently renovated and extended, however the work was not quite up to the new owners’ satisfaction and the interior design lacked flair and was missing something special.


Again working with a client from overseas this project needed the full time involvement of a couple of key members of our team. The scope was to update and modernise the shabby interior of the property using the knowledge gained from such projects as Babington House and other high-end refurbishments we had recently undertaken.

The clients had some great ideas that needed realisation, and so together we sat down and formulated a room-by-room plan of how to approach the works to this charming house. We also had to ensure confidentiality at all times as our clients are very private, which is something we were used to.


We spent a great deal of time perfecting the clients vision on paper before work started, and began by pre-ordering all of the tailor-made and individual items that were necessary to start works. We used our local contacts and regular subcontractors to ensure we were able to carry out all of the personalised touches the client desired. Once underway we kept the clients informed using email and Skype, and a regular information flow allowed both us and the client to make any minor adjustments to the works without any time delays or hiccups.

The end result is a very stylish and bespoke interior, with beautiful bathrooms and a wonderfully homely kitchen space, and all to the complete satisfaction of the clients.