In the heart of the beautiful city of Bath is a brand new award-winning cocktail bar; Sub13. We worked closely with owners Alex Miller and Tim Whelehan, who had an unusual yet sensational vision for design, making the project extremely enjoyable.

Having completed many high-end retail spaces in the past and with a network of professional trades for all the different jobs, some being very intricate and knowing how to manage everyone efficiently and to a tight programme, we were the perfect team for the job.


We were brought in to manage and coordinate a large team of subcontractors and deliver the end project within a very short timeframe to minimalise the loss of trading.

One of our biggest challenges was time management. The flooring had the potential to cause problems in this area. The old flooring was rotten and so had to be completely ripped out. We replaced it with a Sika Comport Floor resin, which is totally waterproof and hardwearing – ideal for a busy nightclub where drinks get spilled all too often! The problem was that this flooring needed a lot of drying time, and conditions in the basement of the bar were not ideal, let alone in freezing cold January when we were carrying out the work.

The walls were also a threat to our time management. Due to the building being a listed Georgian townhouse, we were required to use lime plaster on the walls. Again, the time taken to dry was much longer than it would’ve been with modern plasters, and could not be rushed or the lime would crack.


To make sure everything was completed in time, the flooring was done in phases. This kept all 30-40 tradesmen active during each day and night – one night we were there until 3am! As for the walls, we worked with a specialist traditional lime plastering firm who were excellent as phasing their work to keep other trades busy at all times.

We also worked alongside Simon Morray-Jones, a Bath-based architect, with Cantilever bars designing the two new bar areas and Felix Lighting who took care of the interior and lighting design. The overall result is fantastic. The two cutting edge new bars on the ground floor looked incredible and so stylish, all set in an old period building so created juxtaposition.

With the client on site daily, we were able to make quick decisions, which really helped to speed up the process. We managed to get everything done by the deadline so the client was absolutely thrilled with the speed at which we delivered the end result and the excellent quality of the refurbishment.

They have also had endless positive feedback from their customers who are all enjoying the newly refurbished nightclub and also the new bars on the ground floor. They had a record night recently with 700 people through the doors before 10 PM!

We were so happy with the final result, and are very grateful for the shining feedback we’ve received. We cannot wait to take on more projects, that will hopefully be as much fun as this one.


Sub13 is at 4 Edgar Buildings, George Street, Bath and is open everyday (For exact opening times visit their website