These new offices sit on the location of an old farmyard in the heart of Somerset. Having sat dormant for so long our client decided to breathe life into an unused part of the Somerset countryside, and the vision was to use the footprint of the original farm to create modern and unique office space for an expanding and cutting-edge company. McIntosh DBR were given the task of delivering the full package, from planning to completion.


As an existing but vacant and dilapidated farmyard, this project required careful thought before planning permission was sought. The change of use for the property had to be valid and the new scheme had to genuinely show sympathy for the history of the existing buildings.

Planning permission would not be simple therefore a locally beneficial and environmentally friendly scheme had to be considered for submission to the local authority.


We obtained the help of a local planning consultant and successfully gained permission for the erection of high-quality, environmentally friendly office space. The design duties for the external layouts were given to a young Dutch architect based in London, and the interior design was overseen by local, and highly regarded architects Simon Morray-Jones from Bath.

Working together with these consultants and specialists we were able to put the clients visualisation into reality. Every element of the construction process involved the finest materials and craftsmen as the final specification was exceptionally high and the detailing had to be second-to-none.

Great attention was given to the bespoke products and materials that went together to create what has to be one of the most luxurious and stunning office developments in the South West.