When we first arrived at Summerlane House the house was looking very tired and outdated. The house itself dates from the 1600’s and there were elements that were covered up and unappreciated. Having had no work done to it since the 1940s it was damp, unloved and in need of a full renovation inside and out.

The couple that own the house had a very clear vision as to what they wanted and we worked with them very closely to ensure their goals were achieved. They lived onsite in one of the rooms whilst we renovated one of the outbuildings into a charming one bedroom cottage, they then moved into the cottage and enjoyed working on the renovation project in comfort.


Summerlane house was a complete renovation project we started and completed in 4 months. We had a tight deadline as the owners had no where else to live at the time and were desperate to move in. We had 6 men on site working full-time to ensure that we achieved the deadline and had as little impact on the neighbours as possible; its a charming village and all the neighbours were very understanding!

Thankfully the house had no planning restricts so it was full steam ahead. The drainage system was a mess so we had to fully remove it and start again. All the upstairs walls were taken out as they were making the building unsafe. We put in new wiring everywhere, as well as new plumbing and new flooring throughout.

The main staircase was one of the most challenging areas of the renovation project. The owners weren’t quite sure if they wanted to remove or keep the spiral staircase – they ended up keeping it and it works really well. Take a look at some of the pictures below.

Given the age of the building some of the ceilings were very low so we had to drill down into bedrock to achieve the desired height. This was a particularly loud part of the project so we had to make sure it was done as quickly and as efficiently as possible.


Speed and focus was a large part of this project. It was wonderful to work with people that had such a great understanding of the building and how they wanted it look. This meant that everything went smoothly and we were able to complete the job within a tight timeframe.

The overall look of the house is outstanding. The owners sourced french limestone from the Dordogne for the kitchen. The herringbone flooring in the sitting room was a dream to fit and gets remarked on by all the house guests.

They kept the inglenook fireplaces and 3 of the original built in cupboards. They have managed to mix the old with the new so elegantly. The feedback from all friends and family has been very positive and we are very glad to have such happy clients.